Today we received a free sample selection of Concreate floor and wall panels. Although for now we will only concentrate on floor panels, we could not wait to tell you all about this new interior trend.

The current trends in interior design are dominated by a modern and industrial style. And while steel and glass elements do not shock anybody so much anymore, a concrete floor is still quite controversial. Let’s see where you can place concrete floor panels.

Where can you use concrete floor?

Decorative concrete can be placed both in a family home and an apartment or flat, regardless of the space you have. And why should you go for it? Because it optically enlarges t
he space and is also a neutral base for any furniture and accessories. For many people, the problem turns out to be selecting the appropriate color panels to tone furniture fronts, etc., and with this floor, everything will fit. However, we must know beforehand that we have the possibility to choose between jointless concrete flooring or concrete panels.

Concreate floor panels.

Concreate introduces a concrete floor and walls panels, inspired by architectural concrete liked and used by many interior designers. Raw in form and with a cost-effective color scheme, but designed with a commitment to detail, its look is more and more popular in our interior trend of minimalism.

A living room or bedroom decorated in cool, monochromatic colors harmonizes well with panels imitating concrete. Do not be afraid of the cold feeling of this material if you warm the home with added drops of color, wooden features and good lighting.

The Concreate Floor Panels collection can be found in four shades:

Natural Grey,
Dark Grey,
  • Mineral White,
  • and 
Smoke White Oak.

They represent different faces of concrete: granular and smooth mortar surface or a characteristic wooden texture. They have good technical parameters, so can be used in areas exposed to increased traffic, such as the entrance hall, kitchen and living room.


  • Durable, resistant to abrasion.
  • Oiled surface is stain resistant.
  • Easy to renew and will serve you for many years.
  • Eco-friendly. The concrete does not contain any chemicals, and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Slip and fire resistant.
Concreate is covered by a 35-year guarantee for domestic use.
Installation is dust free and in a good-sized room can be installed by an experienced fitter in a day and can be lived on straight away

  • You should take into account the installation of underfloor heating because the concrete floor is cold.
  • We would not recommended for a wet room as it does not have sealed joints.
  • Although Concreate is relatively easy to install, it is recommended to order a fitter with an experienced company.


The whole process takes literally a few minutes. Click here and then choose up to 3 types of Concreate floor and wall panels, enter your details, and in a few days at your door will appear a courier with the samples.

On the inner part of the box, you will find information about concrete. What’s more, each sample has a label with detailed information on dimensions, board weight, and pack size – all needed to carefully plan your floor.

Special bonus for Concreate customers.

After purchasing and filling out the online survey the company offers a year’s supply of Concrete cleaning products for free. What better way to keep your customers happy?

In summary, we are big fans of the concrete and the Concreate company will make your decision easier with its free samples.

Concrete is hard as ever but more beautiful; it easily assimilates with modern interiors, 
but will add a contrast to more classical arrangements.