Have you ever bought a nice, soft and fluffy towel, and after the first couple of washes it became rough? Instead of wrapping around you gently, does it scratch your skin? Here are five ways to bring towels back to their original softness.

There are at least two reasons for a towel’s loss of softness. The first is poor laundry. Towels become rough if there are remains of powder or washing gel. Therefore, do not load too many items into the washing machine, because the narrowness of the drum will draw the towels, and therefore they will not be cleaned properly. Do not overload the amount of washing powder. In this case, more is not better. Very important is a proper washing temperature. It cannot be too high, because it will destroy the fiber and fabric lose flexibility.

The second reason for the loss of fabric softness is bad drying. Towels simply hung anywhere will become rough, because their fibers are stuck. To prevent this, before hanging a towel up, shake it firmly. Do it well before putting the towel in the closet. However, if you do have a rough towel then don’t worry, as even the roughest can be saved!

1. Pour a glass of vinegar in with your next washing. Vinegar loosens and softens the fibers and facilitates rinsing detergents. Add it to every second or third wash, and your towels will be soft again. And believe me, you won’t smell any vinegar on them!

2. Add half a cup of baking soda to your washing powder. Into the compartment for fabric softener pour half a cup of vinegar, then add a few drops of essential oil, for example pine or lavender, for towels to smell nice. Warning! Soda can only be used for bright towels because it has bleaching properties and can discolor dark fabrics.

3. When the laundry is finished, open the drum and insert a tennis ball in. Once again turn on the spin program (or drying). Balls will ensure that the fibers will rise and the fabric is soft.

4. Towels like moisture and do not tolerate cramped spaces. As such, it’s good not to close them in the closet, but to place them on open shelves. If you do not have open shelves, a few days before replacing towels, move them to the bathroom.

5. If you aren’t bothered about a towel being fluffy and just want softness, iron it, adding some steam from time to time.