If you make any of these 7 mistakes, you generally increase the risk of being burgled while you are on holiday. What are the mistakes?

1. Do not show the world that you going on holiday.

Do not advertise on Facebook or any social media that you’re at the airport on the way to Las Palmas or the Maldives. It is known that you won’t come back the same day, and probably not the next day either. There is no better information for the burglar.

2. Do not show off your wealth.

Do not boast in public about a valuable painting or other work of art you are in possession of. Simply a picture of this masterpiece posted online will quickly attract a thief. Undoubtedly, some presentations of the latest, newly acquired home electronics or new jewelry leave a big impression on potential burglars.

3. Key under the doormat?

When going away do not leave – for the neighbor who will water your flowers, or the cleaner, etc. – the key in a secret place: the box in the flower pot, or on a hook behind a bend in the wall. The thieves will know ALL these secret places.

4. Lights on 

Is it worth leaving the lights on in the house? When burglars discover that this is a trick then surely you can count on their visit, and not to just turn off your lights …

5. Underwear treasure

Do not hide gold rings, pendants and other valuable jewel
ry in the cabinet, between the sheets or somewhere in the underwear drawer. Thieves read and heard about these places in childhood. Where is then, speaking seriously, the best place to hide a variety of jewels? Invest in a safety deposit box.

6. Behind the bushes

Do you live in a house surrounded by tall bushes along the fence? It may bring you some privacy, but it works both ways. No one outside of your premises will notice when they poke at the windows or patio doors leading to your kitchen.

7. Ladder

If you live in a detached house, do not leave (before going away) in the back garden, out of laziness or forgetfulness, ladders that you use for small repairs or when picking apples. You understand – if you do it’s almost as if you left them the keys…