In winter, we all love sitting on a sofa, covered with a blanket, sipping hot tea and reading a beloved book. Recently a real sensation is the Danish word “hygge,” which means the art of creating a warm, friendly atmosphere around the house. How can you make your home a place to which we want to come back?

Hygge indoors means happy home

What makes a house hygge? We asked Marie Tourelle Srderberg this, an actress and author of the bestselling book “Hygge.” “When your house is hygge, it becomes a place where you love to stay, where you feel appreciated. Hygge at home means that you surround yourself with furniture, art and objects that mean to you something special and tells your story, to say who you are.”

Surround yourself with objects with a soul

How to make the house cozy? Surround yourself with objects associated with memories. Do you still have a table on which you used to have meals at your grandparents’ house or the chair on which your grandfather loved to sit? Adopt them in your house. Walls with pictures of loved ones – family and friends. A house full of objects with a soul becomes more and more “hygge”.

More light!

Hygge was born in Denmark. The bad weather in Denmark (180 rainy days) and very high prices make residents more than willing to meet together in their own houses. They pay a lot of attention and effort to the house being cozy and bright. Candles, lanterns, a small lamp with a warm light or glowing colored balls are a home hygge attitude. Not without a reason, many icons of Danish design are… lamps!

The cozy house will be filled with earth colors – beige, brown or grey. A great blend will be with pastels (e.g. Roses and blues). The house “hygge” is dominated by natural materials, i.e. wood or wicker. There are many fabrics – soft cotton pillows and woolen blankets.