Geometric sinks in 15 shades – Villeroy & Boch colourful bathroom ceramics.
Until now, bathrooms colours have mainly appeared only on furniture or additives. Ceramics were white or creamy. Villeroy & Boch decided to change this by offering up to 15 shades – from trendy pastels (pink and blue), through shades of yellow and green to the subdued greys and elegant black.

All these colours can be found on Artis sinks available in four geometric shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square. Their form has been achieved thanks to the innovative material called TitanCeram. This has allowed ceramics to achieve a unique, incredibly precise form, very thin walls and slender, carefully sketched edges.
New colours for Artis by Villeroy & Boch have been developed by the German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen. She was inspired by the seasons and nature as well as the culture of Paris, in which she has lived and worked for many years.

Each of the four colours has three degrees of intensity. The green colour is available in a shade of Mint, Sencha, Cedar; yellow – Macaroon, Lemon, Mustard; pink – Powder, Ballet) and Rose; blue – Fog, Frost and Ocean. In addition to this collection appears grey – Full Moon, French Linen; and black – Black Coal.

This has created 15 shades that Gesa Hansen compares to the fragrance notes: the brightest colour is the base note, the intermediate is a heart note, and the most intense, the head note.

Do you like colourful Artis sinks? We think they are great!