The paint on the walls creates a smooth black layer, you can write on with chalk. Such black walls are effective and practical. They serve as your home’s communication centre – leave messages, create shopping lists, write inspirational quotes or simply use it for your family’s artistic development.

As a mum to two beautiful children, I encourage you to motivate them with crafts every day. I know how important it is for them when they have completed their work I place centrally in our home to praise and inspire them, the internal problem was the lack of space. My fridge was bursting at the seams, and my to-do lists were hiding somewhere in between my children’s work. 

Magnetic paint turned out to be the great solution. One of the walls in the dining room became a gallery of my children’s work, and what is more, my youngest daughter ceased to decorate our chairs and walls. To be honest I was afraid it may only encourage her to do graffiti all over our home. Luckily it became a massive success.

What can be painted with blackboard paint?

Paint array generally corresponds to the selected fragment of a wall, for example over the kitchen counter. But it can also cover other areas, e.g. the fronts of the kitchen cabinets or the refrigerator door. You could also paint smaller items, such as pots or jars, so you can easily determine what is inside.

How to apply chalkboard paint?

For the best effect, on a clean surface, apply several coats of chalkboard paint and let it dry well. Paint it as an ordinary paint using a roller, which allows you to get a smoother surface and yet it is easier and quicker.


  1. Waterproof – won’t wash off
  2. Resistant to abrasion
  3. A large choice of colours (black, dark green, red, purple or blue)
During application does not drip
  5. Dries quickly
  6. Does not lose colour
  7. from gloss to a matt finish

Magnetic paint. 
With fine iron particles acting like a magnet. It is offered only in graphite, but its painted surface can be covered with any other paint.


Safe – does not contain lead, solvents or other harmful substances
  2. Practical – you can pin a note using small magnets.

How to use: 
Before painting, it must be mixed thoroughly because the iron particles settle to the bottom of the can. Due to the thick consistency, it is difficult to distribute – it is best to do it with a sponge roller or brush. To strengthen the forces of attraction you need to apply several layers (manufacturers recommend a minimum of three) – the more the better for a greater finished look.

It is recommended to buy dust-free chalk, however, the truth is that the chalk dust cannot be avoided entirely, but it will be limited.

P.S If you have wall boards, send us pictures and we will publish them on our blog.