Water system failures usually mean expensive repairs. However, you can reduce expenses by getting to the core of the leakage.

How to find the reason for the leakage?

Without exact plans of the room or any pictures from the last bathroom renovation showing all water pipes connections, it may be very costly, time-consuming and troublesome, with subsequent discovery of suspicious sites based on hunches. It is therefore important to locate the leak using non-invasive methods. One of them is thermography leak detection. On thermograms, you can see the “different” temperature at the site of the leak.

Additionally, you can also use the method of acoustic signal analysis and moisture measurement.

The core of the leak can be identified with a probability of typically 70-80% based on technology measurement. Therefore, by having such a test, you should be aware of the independent and objective limitations of its accuracy.

The exact place of failure

Even using professional equipment cannot guarantee a 100% accurate location of the leak. The effectiveness and accuracy depend on several factors: the availability of the entire pipe route, the size of the leak, the depth of arrangement under the floor or in the ground, thermal insulation of pipes or covering them in plastic wrap or Styrofoam. Therefore, the best thing to do is to “track” a failure.

Repair and finishes of the floor

Before flooring in the bathroom is repaired, it must be dry. Only then we can reconstruct all the layers and in the end replace cuffed ceramic tiles.

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