Combining the kitchen within a room in the small apartments has a lot of advantages – first of all you gain the space, and secondly you give the interior a modern look. For many people, a serious drawback of this solution is an unobstructed view of the kitchen mess.There is, however, a solution. You no longer have to watch the whole mess when you want to relax on the couch after a hard day at work.
You can now hide it all behind the sliding door. To be more precise – the folding door, which is used in the wardrobes.

When open, the host has convenient access to the worktop, appliances (sink, hob and oven) and cabinets. When they are closed you would never guess what is behind them and the room again regains its previous character.

The whole kitchen furniture lies on one wall, creating a modern look of the room. Between the hidden kitchen and open space, you can place an island or dinner table.

The “kitchen in wardrobe” is not a solution for everyday use. It may, however, be perfect in a multifunctional room, in a single-person apartment, or for people who use it sporadically, and the mess in the kitchen can quickly “cleaned up”, hiding it behind sliding door, e.g. in the case of an unexpected visit, business meetings etc.